House on the Klong

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  • 10.00AM - 06.00PM

While Jim might have been known for silk, he was also a trained architect and a collector at heart. By the late 1950's, he had acquired such an extensive collection of art and antiques that he decided to build a place to house them just across the canal from the weaving community of Ban Krua.

House on the Klong was built in 1958 and took just one year to complete. It comprises of six traditional Thai houses made from teak wood, surrounded by lush gardens and greenery. As an admirer of Thai architecture, Jim purchased derelict Thai houses from around the country, had them dismantled on-site, before to be sent to his grounds and reassembled with the help of skilled carpenters from Ayutthaya.

Jim's house became a historic landmark that fascinated the world, not only as the place of residence of the "Silk King" before his mysterious disappearance, but also for its comprehensive collection of Asian art and artifacts that was virtually unknown to the rest of the world at the time.

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What was once Jim Thompson's residence and a place of social gatherings for his closest friends and guests, is now an architectural landmark of history and heritage. Operating under the The James H.W. Thompson Foundation, visitors can visit Jim Thompson House Museum and discover the late founder's comprehensive art collection, Asian antiques and a garden oasis that have been preserved as a museum since the day of his disappearance.

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