About the Exhibition

The people, the projects and the ever-growing potential of our fabrics.

Opening Hour

  • 10.00AM-06.00PM

The Evolving World of Jim Thompson Textiles is an exhibition that unveils the story of the Thai Silk Company Limited and the prominent creative figures behind the company after the mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson in 1967.

During the past six decades, the company has established prominence in the home furnishings industry thanks to the dedication and contribution of renowned individuals such as Jack Lenor Larsen, Gerald Pierce, Tinnart Nisalak, Ou Baholyodhin, and a collection of guest designers - all of whom have been instrumental to the growth and successes of our brand and products on a global scale.

This exhibition is a celebration of the works and designs of these creative minds as well as the company’s production capabilities for the past sixty years. The audience can weave through the exhibition and discover the world of endless creativity and innovations.

The ongoing exhibition is being held at The Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter.

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Weave through an immersive journey of textiles and discover the creative minds whose ideas and inspirations played a crucial role in the successes of Jim Thompson Home Furnishings.

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